Exploring Calligraphy

Writing comes naturally to me. I just enjoy a writing tool dancing smoothly over a sheet of paper. Yes, I’m a bit geeky about those things.


Finding the right words

Each year I try to find an overall topic that’ll guide me through the new year, depending on my experiences during the ending one. 2014’s theme was ‚Integration‘.


a home for…

june drawings 2014 A series of 33 drawings about things that need a home: 21 x 15 cm each, mixed-media collages on paper. 1. (a home for) all our connections | 2. (a home for) all my possessions | 3. (a home for) absurdity | 4. (a home for) imagination | 5. (a home for) your hope | 6. […]


The truth is there is no truth

april drawings 2014 A series of drawings about strange beings with feelings: 21 x 15 cm each, mixed-media on paper. 1. Silence | 2. This matters to him | 3. No. | 4. And yet was she her favorite | 5. He had work to do | 6. Who needs a superhero? | 7. He missed the clouds | 8. […]