Dear ones, The other day I had a beautiful thought (the hubby says I have those quite often): I was thinking about how culture develops and how important people are who aren’t afraid of walking ahead and trying new things because they want to change a thing. It hit me that this is the very […]


Face it.

Dear friends, It’s been a busy week. From time to time I still participate in art courses, and so did I over the last five days. You may wonder why since I have a formal art education? It’s not so much about techniques any more. As with anything you work in for years, the things […]


Limitations, again

Dear Ones, A lot of inspiring people hang around at twitter, and so do I for chats and inspiration (Come on over, and say hi!). The other day I read these lines by Sean McCabe and kept thinking about them for a while now: In order to think outside the box, there first must be […]



Dear Ones, Had some thoughts about self-care the other day when I was nursing the baby: The thing about breast-feeding a baby is that I have to make sure that I absolutely take care for myself. If I don’t eat well, don’t sleep enough or get stressed by whatever, my body wouldn’t be able to […]


By chance

When I read websites about creative processes or how to design this or that, I often found the author striving for a perfect solution. A lot of people at the internet tell you how to optimize your finances, your work, your days in general and most importantly, your personality. Optimize yourself! Optimize! At the same time I see a lot […]