Finding the right words

Each year I try to find an overall topic that’ll guide me through the new year, depending on my experiences during the ending one. 2014’s theme was ‚Integration‘.


It’ll pass

My friends, The other night I was working in the studio for my current art show. My studio is located in an industrial area in an old factory building. It’s usually pretty quiet there in the evenings. And hell –I enjoy that silence. So I sat there and cut and glued loads of paper to a new […]


Life goes on

Hopefully you missed me, too. A lot of things happened over the last few months, and I can tell you one thing: I am exhausted. I’ve just been and I still am. I’ve been already exhausted for months, when I did all those awesome exhibitions in 2012. It’s like this is the basic shape of […]


Drawing a Line

Even though I always considered myself as a drawing artist, I recently found out that I actually hate to draw. There, I said it. Ever since I remember I’ve been admiring people who draw out loud, and I wanted to learn how to produce images from my imagination onto paper, too, wanting to be as […]