My Week: Animals & Comics

Dear friends, Since we have our baby, my relationship with time has changed a lot: I still have 24/7 as we all do, but I sometimes can’t remember what I have been doing all day even though it seems I do a lot. – I just can’t! So I try to keep track on a weekly basis […]


Faces (Vol. II)

Dear Ones, The other day I showed you most of the results I’ve done during the Faces 101 week with Carla Sonheim, but I also kept back a few since they’re worth post by their own. Here we go! The Family Tree During the first day of the course we drew faces from watercolor shapes, adding […]


Face it.

Dear friends, It’s been a busy week. From time to time I still participate in art courses, and so did I over the last five days. You may wonder why since I have a formal art education? It’s not so much about techniques any more. As with anything you work in for years, the things […]


Limitations, again

Dear Ones, A lot of inspiring people hang around at twitter, and so do I for chats and inspiration (Come on over, and say hi!). The other day I read these lines by Sean McCabe and kept thinking about them for a while now: In order to think outside the box, there first must be […]