Limitations, again

Dear Ones, A lot of inspiring people hang around at twitter, and so do I for chats and inspiration (Come on over, and say hi!). The other day I read these lines by Sean McCabe and kept thinking about them for a while now: In order to think outside the box, there first must be […]


By chance

When I read websites about creative processes or how to design this or that, I often found the author striving for a perfect solution. A lot of people at the internet tell you how to optimize your finances, your work, your days in general and most importantly, your personality. Optimize yourself! Optimize! At the same time I see a lot […]


Stretch. Breathe. Rest. Repeat.

You guys, This is a season of growth and development. After this stunning second half of 2012 of exhibitions and events, I still have a massive hangover though. I may often seem to be tough and straightforward when it comes to my career in the arts but truth is, I often feel insecure and helpless, […]