Dear Ones, Had some thoughts about self-care the other day when I was nursing the baby: The thing about breast-feeding a baby is that I have to make sure that I absolutely take care for myself. If I don’t eat well, don’t sleep enough or get stressed by whatever, my body wouldn’t be able to […]


Kunst. Klima. Kwote.

Dear ones, Tomorrow night I’m going to be part of a panel talking about art, climate and quote and ratings within the art world: I hereby cordially invited to tomorrow’s panel discussion „Kunst. Klima. Kwote.“, from 6:30 p.m. at the¬†auditory¬†of the Kunsthalle Bielefeld. Panelists are Dr. Friedrich Meschede (director of the Kunsthalle Bielefeld), Susanne Titz […]


Life goes on

Hopefully you missed me, too. A lot of things happened over the last few months, and I can tell you one thing: I am exhausted. I’ve just been and I still am. I’ve been already exhausted for months, when I did all those awesome exhibitions in 2012. It’s like this is the basic shape of […]

found it!

The Joy Of Discovery And Adventure

From time to time I rewrite my artist statement. As much as I hate to put what I do in less than 300 words, it helps me clarifying what I want. In those moments I spend a lot of time to think about what’s important for me and my art. I reflect on why I […]