Leise Stimmen

Lange, lange habe ich gedacht, ich wüsste genau, was ich tun muss, um eines Tages eine erfolgreiche Künstlerin zu sein. Jetzt probiere ich es einmal auf eine andere Art.



My friends, from time to time one of you ask me how I’m able to keep pace with all the things I do while having a baby. I’ll tell you. Usually a day has 24 hours and a week 7 days. It’s the same for every human being who measure time this way. A baby, […]



Dear ones, The other day I had a beautiful thought (the hubby says I have those quite often): I was thinking about how culture develops and how important people are who aren’t afraid of walking ahead and trying new things because they want to change a thing. It hit me that this is the very […]


20 Things

Dear Ones, From time to time I stumble about a blog post in which the author tells us 20 things about them. Usually another blogger invited them to do so, and they have to pass it on to another blogger afterwards. I was wondering if I find 20 interesting things about me as well. Let’s […]