Dear ones,
A warm invitation to another beautiful art event in which I’ll be taking part next weekend:

Because it was so beautiful before! Superbuy will be Superbuy again! Grand opening! After extensive redecoration of our facility the Superbuy team will be back for you! Hard to believe! Even better quality at incredibly low prices now! In addition to our quality products we’ll offer exciting action, a great raffle, the personal greeting by our store managers and other surprises for the whole family!*

* roughly translated from their invitation flyer

You wonder what this is about?

Buy art, do something good!

Since 1985, Artists Unlimited is a loose collective of house and studio sharing artists in Bielefeld. Each year around Christmas they open a huge benefit exhibition in their gallery to fund their exhibitions during the year and an international artist-in-residence programme. I think their work so important that I contribute the fourth year in a row now: All participating artists donate 50% of their sales to the gallery, and so do I. If you want to buy some artsy and lovely Christmas gifts, this would be a perfect opportunity to support some local artists, or to win an incredible artwork of your choice during the raffle!

Save the date!

Opening reception: Friday, December 6, 7 p.m.
Opening times: Friday, December 6, 7 to 12 p.m. | Saturday, Dec. 7 & Sunday, Dec. 8, 2 to 5 p.m.

Artists Unlimited Gallery
Viktoriastraße 24
33602 Bielefeld

The entrance to the gallery is located in the pub garden of Café Milestones.

Featured artists

Kate Alkarni, Ilka Beier, Klaus-Dieter Braun, Vera Brüggemann, Anatoli Budjko, Rebecca Butzlaff, Ivan Díaz, Kwon Doohyoun, Satomi Edo, Ricarda Enderweit, B.C. Epker, Arjan van Es, Cathleen Falckenhayn, Beate Freier-Bongaertz, Iris Friedrich, Viola Friedrich, Alexander Gehring, Jochen Geilen, Christine Gensheimer, Martin Gensheimer, Peter Hermans, Högensheimers attraktive Warenwelt, Angelika Höger, Anna-Katariina Hollmerus, Felix Hüffelmann, Gereon Inger, Uschi Jung, Jens Kamke, Katrin Kamrau, Harald Kinski, Michael Kohls, Jessica Koppe, Gerd Kruse, Antje Löbel, Ofélia Lott, Lucie Marsmann, Irini Mavromatidou, Norbert Meier, Wolfgang Meluhn, Hildegard Nattebrede, Timo Nentwig, Claudia Oberste-Hedtbleck, Sarah Pedde, Leopoldo Ponce, Jan Pötter, Franz Reimer, Lars Rosenbohm, Uli Schallenberg, René Schäffer, Jörg Seifert, Bernhard Shulenburg, Kai Spade, Jörg Spätig, Alexandra Sonntag, Katrin Stallmann – “tragbar”, Regina Stiegeler, Sjoerd Tegelaers, Reiner Tintel, Melanie Vogel, Wolfgang Waesch, Susanne Walter, Witte Wartena, Claudia Winkel, Jose Witteveen, Simone Wolters, Vanessa Zeeh, Peter Zickermann

I’m going to sell my Strangimals there. If you’d like to have one for your home or as a gift for a beloved person, I’d love to meet you there at the opening reception Friday night!


Header image: © 2013 Artists Unlimited