Gentle reader,
Jessica Koppe "Some strange folks" 2013While I’m spending quite some time in the studio these days, I discover images within me, which, on the one hand, I did not expect, and which I enjoy tremendously at the same time. Suddenly there are birds and rabbits and some other strange folks around, but I let them come and invite them in.

Without having any idea where this may lead to, I keep drawing and cutting and gluing. I now somehow have the strange feeling to meet a turning point within my work without being able to tell what this is all about.

Since I’m only asking, but not questioning what I do right now, I’m going to ask the images if they could tell me a thing or two about us and our relationship with each other.

An imaginary* interview!

* pun intended

What do I like most about those drawings?
They’re like single comic panels, and I like that they imply, but not necessarily tell a story. I much enjoy watching and creating the layered backgrounds, and their bold use of color and contrasts. They are a bit cryptic, and they offer several layers of reading them, too. You can take them literally or metaphorically. You get what you see or you can dive into them and search for further interpretation.
Some of them are even funny!

Is there something I don’t like about them?
Actually not so much. Probably their size. Except from the one on the right which is A3 sized, they’re just 14 x 14 cm. Even though I like that they’re rather intimate to watch due to their small size, I like the idea of works like those on a much bigger scale.

Which of the elements that I like so much about them do I want to keep for the next images I’m going to create?
Happy Accidents as in, „I’m going to add different kind of elements until an image emerge“. Some weirdness, imperfect lines, handwriting, bold colors.

What are the qualities of those works that I find in most of my favorites of my other works as well?
They are poetic in a way that they offer a wide range of perspectives to look at them. They’re playful. They’re 100% me, with all their inherent quirkiness. It’s difficult to label them with a certain genre or category, and I much like that.

Do I have anything else that I want to mention about these images?
They remind me of how much I’d loved drawing comics back in school. They also remind me of how much I like ambiguous images, jokes and poetry. They make me want to draw comics again even though I don’t think of myself as a comic artist. Even though I still often don’t, they remind me of trusting myself and my artistic practice, too. There have been strangimals before in last year’s september drawings, but the current drawings are much clearer and a bit more straightforward.

To enjoy the images live in Technicolor and full size, just click into on of them and click or scroll through the gallery:

Jessica Koppe "Strangimals 1" 2013 Jessica Koppe "Strangimals 2" 2013 Jessica Koppe "Strangimals 3" 2013

Jessica Koppe "Strangimals 4" 2013 Jessica Koppe "Strangimals 5" 2013 Jessica Koppe "Strangimals 6" 2013

Each image is a mixed-media collage mounted on a plywood block (14 x 14 cm each). I mainly used my favorite materials like markers, water colors, ink and pieces of  abandoned artworks to create them.

Is there anything you still want to know about them? Just ask!
I send you much love,