Dear Ones,
Had some thoughts about self-care the other day when I was nursing the baby:

The thing about breast-feeding a baby is that I have to make sure that I absolutely take care for myself. If I don’t eat well, don’t sleep enough or get stressed by whatever, my body wouldn’t be able to produce enough milk to feed the Little One properly.

Taking care of myself means taking care of his needs. If I’m not okay, he probably won’t be as well. This seems pretty obvious and reasonable to me.

Then I thought,

My artworks are my children, too.

I’m giving birth to ideas.
I feed them and I take care of them.
I let them grow and evolve.
And in order to do so, I have to make sure that I AM WELL (like I do it for the Little One).
I care because it’s important that I do. The more I care, the stronger and more authentic my work will become – which is a good thing that most artists strive for.

Let me explain:
Contrary to accepted opinion that artists have to suffer in order to create outstanding works, I made the experience that the better I feel, the more comfortable I am, the easier creating artworks become. It certainly is helpful to collect intense life experience to create intense artworks. But I want to collect those experiences with a full stomach and well rested, and with a calm state of mind. Playfulness is vital for anything creative, and playfulness doesn’t show up when I’m stressed.

So treat yourself well, and create something beautiful!
Perhaps you’d like to share your experiences in the comments?

I send you much love and wish you a good start into 2014!
– Jessica

3 Replies to “Self-Care

  1. Shelley Noble

    An absolutely profound insight you have made here, Jessica.

    I think you are completely on to something important in what you’ve realized.

    Thank you so much for sharing it.

    • Jessica

      Shelley, dear, thank you for reading and approving it! – The baby helps me understanding quite a few things recently…

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