Dear ones,
Next weekend, from October 25 to 27, one of my animations will be part of the Screen City Festival 2013 at Stavanger, Norway. They’re going to screen my animation from the and even if installation that I made in 2011 for a solo show next to a lot of other video artworks and a rather attractive accompanying program.

The moving image festival, as they call themselves, is an ambitious project that likes to highlight how art is able to transform the spaces we live in. I too believe that art has those transforming powers, and so I’m more than glad and honored that they’d chose my work as an example. For whatever reason I intuitively and often choose houses, cities and places we live or want to live in as a subject of my works as well, so I find it rather interesting to be part of this.

To give you an idea of their mission, I quote from their website,

Shaping Public Space. Moving Cityscapes

The Screen City festival is dedicated to the moving image presented in public spaces, on the city’s facades, shop windows and urban venues enlightening and changing the vision of the urban context of Stavanger. It will take place for the first time during from October 25th – 27th 2013. The program will experiment with the reshaping of public space through Media Art, presenting a program of video art, animation, creative data visualizations, projection mapping and participatory urban media interventions.

The festival explores different perspectives on how we construct and deconstruct our city and most of all – space. The spatial practice of everyday life in comparison to the representations of space, how we perceive our city – to how we conceptualize our city – through mapping, planning and the intellectualization of space.

If you’d like to go there, you’ll find the festival program as a pdf on their website. The festival is not only about screenings and projections, they also offer a symposium and reflections on urban space and how its inhabitants shape the place they live in.

Sadly, I won’t be able to attend the festival myself. Will anyone of you be around by chance? Do I have any Norwegian readers at all? Reveal yourself in the comments!

Have a good day, folks and enjoy the festival if you’ll go there!
I send you much love,

The header image is © Screen City Festival, all rights reserved (graphic design by Lisa Overmann)