Dear ones,
The other day I had a beautiful thought (the hubby says I have those quite often):

I was thinking about how culture develops and how important people are who aren’t afraid of walking ahead and trying new things because they want to change a thing. It hit me that this is the very definition of being an artist and, more precisely, of being a pioneer as well. Of course there are artist pioneers, but there also are engineering pioneers, parenting pioneers – there are unlimited professions for a true pioneer.

We all are unhappy with a certain situation from time to time. A pioneer in their field steps back, looks closely what’s going wrong and how little adjustments on the situation might turn it into something better and more satisfying. In the best case it’s not only an improvement to their own life, but something that also helps others.

We need pioneers.

We need artists who pioneers in their field of work. We need people who are observant and attentive and are brave enough to change a thing because this is the very core of humanity: we want to evolve and grow.

Even though you maybe think you’re not an artist (and art in general was probably bullshit), you need those pioneering artists, too. Art and artists enrich our lives, they inspire us to try something nobody has tried before.

A funny example: Andy Warhol. When he started painting soup cans, a lot of people said that this wasn’t art. A few years later they celebrated him as the king of pop art who introduced iconic everyday stuff as art subjects. When I worked as a museums guide in an exhibition featuring some of his works and walked home through the city, I discovered a lamp made of campbell soup cans in a fancy home decor shop. Isn’t that fascinating? I laughed my head off. But I like the idea that an everyday object is first transformed into a work of art in order to become something desirable in our daily life.

We need artists

since they often are pioneers. We need them as role models so that we want to become pioneers as well and to be brave enough to walk this way led by their example. I wouldn’t ever have started considering to become an artist if I haven’t seen beautiful examples of inspiring people who did it before.

We need art in our daily lives because it feeds our souls and calms our minds.

If someone asks you why the hell you want to be or become an artists, tell him that artists are people who think outside the box and develop and shape the culture he currently lives in.

Blame me if necessary.
Internet hugs!