Dear friends,
Since we have our baby, my relationship with time has changed a lot: I still have 24/7 as we all do, but I sometimes can’t remember what I have been doing all day even though it seems I do a lot. – I just can’t! So I try to keep track on a weekly basis here about what I got done concerning the arts. Actually this post covers two weeks of work, I didn’t post stuff last week. Let’s see what we’ve got.

Artworks: Finished pieces

Jessica Koppe "keeping silence (2014)"Jessica Koppe "he had work to do (2014)"Jessica Koppe "this matters to him (2014)"Jessica Koppe "and yet she was her favorite (2014)"

Each of them is 21 x 15 cm. I used markers, watercolors, inks, acrylics and colored pencils to make them on 180g/m2 acid free paper.

The four finished pieces above are from my series of April drawings, there are 21 more sheets that aren’t finished yet. I usually have several pieces in progress at the same time. I really love these tiny sheets, they’re more intimidate than the larger pieces, like they were just made for us to hold them close.

More and more strange characters occur, and it seems this is something important to notice. I just let them come. If I find a structure in the marks I left on the paper, I just follow the lines even though this is far from what I expected.

Artworks: Work in Progress

16/2014 studio #wipI took you a picture from all the canvases and papers that I’m currently working on (above left). I usually work on several paintings at the same time, so it’s easier to spot certain developments in my work: they become visible in more than one image and I’m able to investigate  them further.

This week I noticed the deep black is back, and so is my weak spot for bold graphic structures combined with painted layers of strong color and words. I see where this is going to lead, and I just let it happen. It’s a bit like coming home to the things I have always loved. Trust!

I like animals a lot, and the stranger the better. They work as placeholders for actual human beings for me, and so do the weird but simple characters above. It’s like in comics where we find it easier to identify with a character when they aren’t drawn less realistically and without specific attributes.

I want you to identify with my protagonists. Art is communication and all about connecting people. If you feel touched by one of my works, I did my job well.

Seine Augen #wipSpeaking of comics, do you remember when I told you that I’d love to draw a graphic novel? I still want to do it, and that’s why I made some steps towards this. I attended a graphic novel workshop last weekend, and I’m going to put a few more hours into the three pages I developed there. If I still enjoy it, I think I’ll give a bigger project a try. As with most things, I just had to get started.

One thing I already now about how I want to make a comic book is that I’d like to go for a more painterly style as I did here. I wonder if it’s possible to combine the way I work in my paintings with the medium of a graphic novel. It probably is.

Art Grant Application

I spent a lot of days last week trying to set up and write an absolutely perfect application for an art grant. I don’t know if they’re going to like my project – I however do like it much. I pitched an installation with life size cardboard objects to them, with an animated video loop that is going to be projected on the back of a little house. To show them what I want to do, a model sketch had to be build and a storyboard to be drawn. I did both, and I’d like to show you the model image because I think they look beautiful! I simply like the aesthetics of plain white paper…


Seriously, I have no frecking idea of how to write a successful application, but sometimes they work and more often they just don’t. I’d really want to make this project happen, so wish me luck.

Anyway, it’s the Easter holiday weekend, and I wish you all some nice days off.
Have a good week, and take care!
Much internet love,