My dear friends,
Last week was incredibly annoying. For my oncoming exhibition I work on a looped animation that will be part of an installation. I’m going to combine video with paper objects as in my installation and even if. I haden’t worked with After Effects in a while, and I felt a bit stiff in the beginning and the software just didn’t do what I wanted it to do. It’s a weird mixture of slow hardware, failing software and a stupid user placed in front of it.


It was exactly like last week, when I spent a huge amount of time to get everything working. Eventually I solved the problem, or more precisely: I worked around it. So here are some of the film stills of the animation:

Jessica Koppe "One Day" (2014, video still) Jessica Koppe "One Day" (2014, video still) Jessica Koppe "One Day" (2014, video still)

I’ll tell you more about the work as soon as it’s finished (basically it’s a bio pic). Over the next weeks I have to build the paper objects and in about two and a half week from now, all of this will be exhibited in a big video art show. I’m totally excited, in the broadest meaning of the word.


Jessica Koppe "Who needs a superhero" (2014) Jessica Koppe "He missed the clouds." (2014)

I again worked on some drawings, but didn’t finish anything but two pieces. I’ll have another exhibition with another artist in my hometown next month, and I want to cover the walls with drawings. I have the idea of hanging them salon style like a huge picture story.

There are, of course, still a few images from last week in progress. While I browsed through my old portfolios, I rediscovered at least a gazillion of life drawings from my time at university. I cut and glued them into my backgrounds and I am curious where this is going to lead. Seriously, what would I do with all those life drawings instead?

Even though I moved forward slowly last week, I know that there is something on the move. I just know. I try not to judge myself or blame life if I don’t get as much finished as I had planned. This is life, right? I take a break, and then move on:

So, looking forward to the new week!
Internet hugs,

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