My friends,
Life is weird and wonderful. A few months ago I was asked by a curator to apply for a fancy museum exhibition, and I did and they eventually chose my work even though it only was a concept.

The show is going to open at the end of May – it’s the first time that I work for an exhibition while having the baby.

The exhibition’s subject is „back to the future“, and since I don’t want to go with Science Fiction, I looked for another way to illustrate that phrase.

When my father died last year, my family had a rough time. At the same time we knew I was pregnant, and the baby is a beautiful key back to the future in a time when we still long for the irretrievable gone past. I chose to dedicate the new work to both, my dad and my son.

The work I’m going to create is basically a video about a family having a rough time after the death of their husband and father and how the arrival of a baby changes everything to the better. And since life goes on, I want to show this as well. I’m planning a video installation with a projection of that story animated to the walls, and to add some relating paper objects as I did in my installation, „and even if„.

While I work on the installation, I’d like to show you some work in progress here.

Animated Life Cycle

I drew the animation with pencil on paper, tested and inked it. The ink drawings then were cleaned up, scanned and edited in my video editing software.

Here is one of the pencil tests and a look behind the scene on how I make my backgrounds:

hintergrund_mako love

– The backgrounds are all about layers, I tell you! Before and After. (Click to enlarge!)

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See you there!

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