My friends,
The other night I was working in the studio for my current art show. My studio is located in an industrial area in an old factory building. It’s usually pretty quiet there in the evenings. And hell –I enjoy that silence.

So I sat there and cut and glued loads of paper to a new piece, when suddenly hell broke lose: someone started to play techno music, loud and close by. Really, really loud. And not the good kind of stuff, more as in „bad and loud stupid techno music“. Usually I work in quiet: no radio, no music. It distracts me from what I do and I’m not able to concentrate well. This techno music with its heavy bass roar was a total disaster for my work flow.

My studio time is precious: I can only work concentrated with the Little One asleep. That evening Mister K stayed home while the kiddo was sleeping already, and I wanted to use my remaining energy (hint: not much after a long day) to move on with the paper objects. I had one or two more hours before I was too tired to work on them. The music distracted me and I got really angry over the ignorant party people who kept me from diving into the flow and their stupid techno. I couldn’t think of anything else. Should I go and ask them to turn the volume down? What if they were as aggressive as their music was? Should I call the police? I desperately needed to work.

At that point I remembered that it doesn’t help to fight what you can’t change. I remembered my yoga practice, and reminded myself to breathe: to breathe into the anger and the frustration and to notice them without judging. I reminded myself that these feelings are only temporary and that they will pass. Everything will eventually pass. I sat there, eyes closed, and focused on my breathe. „It’ll pass“, I said to myself loudly. At the very same second the music stopped, and didn’t start again.

Jessica ♥


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    • Jessica

      I’ve been! Painting these little pieces is one of things that I’m able to do with the baby. I would’t start a huge stopmo project now, but those A5 paintings are perfect to handle.

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