Even though a lot of things has happened lately, I remember how beautiful and rich my life is every day. I’m grateful for everything beautiful and abundant, and I much enjoy to focus on all the good things in life rather than on the bad. I started to take my camera with me again, and took some images while on twilight walks last week to capture some of the beauty surrounding me:

Beach chairs @ Prerow, Baltic See during the eveningPier @ Prerow, Baltic See in the eveningBeach @ Prerow, Baltic See in the evening
LanternCones @ Botanic Garden, Mindenwooden squirrel


I want to do this way more often.

Those colors!

We’d been at the Baltic Sea for a day, that’s the top row images plus the lantern. God, I love those colors! All the blues and greys and greens during the evening hours…  Not only in my artworks but also in the rest of my life, color is vital! I shot the other images for their colors and textures mainly, but also because of the objects and the situations I found them in.

In art school I was often taught that art is not about the beauty, and that form follows function (or in this case, content). But I more and more understand that I am hungry for beauty, and that I don’t want to care about what people in art school once said. I need beautiful things around me. Sometimes I find beauty and grace in things that look ugly at first sight… And I am able to transform them into something beautiful sooner or later, that’s my secret super power.

A few months ago I found this quote by Amanda Palmer that kept spinning in my head for while:

once you’ve shared your art & it’s resonated with a single person, it’s no longer about you. once you share it,it is about US. (source: http://amandapalmer.tumblr.com/post/51700498843/connecting-the-dots-dealing-with-criticism-the)

I hope those images are somehow resonating with your life as well? ‚Us‘ is so much more important than just ‚I‘.
Much internet love to you!

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