Jessica Koppe "Egg Garland" 2013Dear friends,
The sun is shining for the first time in weeks and I’m so grateful for this. I can’t get enough sun beams after that long and dark winter. (Who could?)

It’s Easter Sunday today. Easter, the Holi fest or most of the other spring festivals exist to celebrate the transformation of a calm and introverted season into something awakening, lively and new. – I love that since this is what happens in my life right now.

Old believes slowly fade away, and turn into something stronger and more beautiful, and everything is growing and much more resonating than anything before.

Celebrate with me, guys!
– I send you much love!

2 Replies to “Happy Easter Holidays!

  1. jessica

    oh what gorgeousness! your words. these bunnies. the whiteness and pinkness of possibility!

    happy easter darling!

    mwah !

    • Jessica

      your blog inspired me to kick off a lot of changes in my current life, and to try to get back to my own core… So I probably owe you for this… – I’m so glad we met!
      Hugs! And again, happy Easter!

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