Happy New Year, dear comrades!

Each year I try to find an overall topic that’ll guide me through the new year, depending on my experiences during the ending one. 2014’s theme was ‚Integration‘ – I felt separated from a lot of things in my life, and I wanted to bring all those aspects back together. I wanted to remind myself, who I truly am. Believe me or not, I have major issues around this.

Once I’ve chosen my topic, I keep it with me all the time. Whenever I think about a situation that has just happened, I eventually try to find qualities of my theme and highlight and appreciate them. If I decide that I need to change my current behavior, I try to find a way corresponding to the qualities I just invited in.

So. Intergration.

The major change in my life happened when our son was born in late 2013. I had no idea how much a baby could (and would!) affect our life. At the same time he taught and helped me to focus on the truly important things. Like, „Hey, the baby is asleep! Let’s find out how much I’ll be able to do in this time!“ A small voice in my head always whispers, „yeah, but you’re so tired. And shouldn’t you be cleaning up the kitchen first?!“ Procrastivoice. I learned to ignore it because YOLO! Of course could I have thought about all the things that needed to be done but if I wanted to work on some paintings, sculptures or installations, I’d better instantly start. I always start small but I kept on working. The tiny time windows I have keep me focussed on the things I’m genuinely interested in. My works yet become more and more ‚me‘ and I become more and more able to cope with this.

Integrating my new persona Mommy Me into my life was (and sometimes still is) a major challenge while there are so many others parts of me who demand to be seen and given space: there’s Artist Me of course, Teacher Me, Lover Me, just to name a few.

Even though we now have this wonderful child around us and life’s a bigger mess than ever before, all things work-related went enormously well in 2014: I had several exhibitions and screenings in Germany and Italy, I sold a lot of original artworks and I became a part-time art teacher again. I created a lot of things in 2014 and I enjoy most of them. I also moved into a new and bigger studio which is an amazing place to work. I told you, Integraion! Everything falls into place now.

It was an astonishing yet exhausting year. I had no idea what I’m able to achieve with the least amount of sleep available. I did it though and I’m going to keep all these things in my life. And while I thought about how to manage such a workload and remain both, a healthy body and mind, 2015’s overall theme appeared and I found my new guiding word, ‚Balance‘.

So. Good bye 2014, and thank you, Integration. Welcome 2015, welcome Balance!

Jessica Koppe: Coffee & Paint #1  Jessica Koppe: Coffee & Paint #2

I started my first day of the new year with a huge mug of coffee and working on a series at out kitchen table while still in my pajamas. I wanted a relaxed and busy start, and yes, balanced it was!

Have a good start, too, Sweethearts!
– Jessica