Dear Ones,
The other day I showed you most of the results I’ve done during the Faces 101 week with Carla Sonheim, but I also kept back a few since they’re worth post by their own. Here we go!

The Family Tree

During the first day of the course we drew faces from watercolor shapes, adding more layers of watercolor for the hair and by adding details like eyes and else with pencil. I like this technique since it’s all about controlled accidents. Because I liked the technique so much, the images came easily to me, and I soon had a bunch of eight faces. SoI laid them out on a table to see what they have in common, and if I can learn something from them for future artworks. It didn’t take long until I grouped them into pairs or, more precisely, couples, and from that point it wasn’t far to see them as family:

Family Tree

Guess what? Storytelling everywhere!

The Queens

Another assignment was to draw faces half-blind from reference images. Half-blind means that your eyes follow the face’s contour with only checking your drawing only 2 or 3 times. When this was done, I added details and shading as I like. It was my favorite technique from the course. The results are pretty graphic, and I enjoy that much since I have an attraction to graphic novels and comics growing stronger again.

When I saw the finished faces of the ladies I drew from fashion magazines and catalogues, they much reminded me of images on playing cards, therefore I designed some playing cards. It’s as simple an obvious as that.

The Queens

When I work on something, I always think of what I can do next, what else I can make of it. I like drawing all those faces, but to me those aren’t rather sketches than artworks I want to exhibit at a gallery, so the question is, „how can I turn those drawings into something useable, into something I want to publish somehow?“.

I have a lot of drawings and images that still wait for their transformation into artworks that I’d like to show or publish. Like, gazillions of life drawing sheets, for example. Or several pieces which didn’t make it after the initial sketch. I just like to re-use things, this is true in my everyday life as well as for abandoned artworks or sketches…

This is how life works, isn’t it? Everything continuously evolves, few things stay forever except for our experiences.
Gather some experiences then and have a good start into your week!