Dear friends,
It’s been a busy week.
From time to time I still participate in art courses, and so did I over the last five days. You may wonder why since I have a formal art education? It’s not so much about techniques any more. As with anything you work in for years, the things that are really new to me within the arts field become fewer and fewer. It’s more about keeping myself busy, offering myself an opportunity to play, getting in touch with new people and to try things from a different perspective.

This week I took part in Carla Sonheim’s Faces 101, an online class that is dedicated to, well, the face, and to help each artist find their own voice through playfulness and face drawing. Sometimes I’m torn between all the possibilities I have, and with this course I wanted to narrow my focus a bit by trying out loads of stuff. And it worked! So –


Here are most of the faces I drew over the last five days:

1_paint_alle 1_paint_bw 2_draw_fashionvictims-web 2_draw_fashionvictims2-web 2_paint_allofthem En Vogue4_draw1 4_paint 4-pastels 5_all-of-them 5_final

Once more I realized that I prefer to work with clean techniques like markers, ink and watercolors. I don’t like smudgy techniques so much – even though I had some nice results here as well. I suppose I’m simply not a pastel or charcoal person. For this insight I had to try all those techniques again at once.

Close-ups of my favorites:

1_paint8  1_paint5 1_paint_bw6 1_paint_bw2 4_paint1 5_m 4-pastel1 4-pastel2 5_evolution3 5_a5_e3_en-vogue3


I like those faces best that already tell a story by themselves or to which a story comes easily.
Take Natalie, for example (top left image): „No, she didn’t know why this had happened to her. How could she?“
A very basic story I admit… Give us some time, and I’ll come up with some more ideas!

Anyway. There are more Faces 101 images at my flickr fotostream, if you have some time, check them out!


This is nothing new, but I tremendously enjoy working intuitively and just watch the artworks grow while I make them. Limitations work perfectly for me, since limitations challenge my creativity. I also like to find images in a bunch of marks I made on paper earlier and to work them out until I have a interesting result. Accidents become more and more important elements to my work, since they often lead me to something new and unexpected. This is what I’m genuinely interested in: taking the things further and to grow as an artist and human being. I am not particularly attached to the status quo, and I love to discover something new all the time.

The more and more I work, the more the process becomes important. An artwork of mine is like a frozen moment of that process, similar to a photograph that only shows a tiny snippet of a certain event. I’m not interested in such an out-take. They’re fragments only to me, milestones at their best. But I’m on my way, and I am totally okay with where I’m right now.

Internet hugs and kisses to you!
– Jessica