Some time ago I read that tweet from my fellow animation and illustration artist, Juliana Cuervo who currently lives in Argentinia:

It is.
This thought still stuck with me when I discovered Portland based pattern designer, artist and author Jessica Swift who shares some old works of hers in a series called Time Machine on her blog.

Very often I think that I don’t work enough, but every time I review old portfolios, I feel astonished of what I’d created over the years… (Actually I work a lot. But I often think it’s never going to be enough.)

I’m constantly re-adjusting the way I work, and I recently learned that I’d definitely need more time and space for reviewing and processing the things I do. Ah, the understanding! For this reason I’m going to establish a time machine tag myself… I love the idea!


I travel back to the very first animation I did back in 2005 today. I was doing an A/V course at my uni when the instructor said, „… and this is how you make animations.“ I got hooked. I wanted to try this immediately, but I hadn’t had any equipment or much technical know-how. All I knew was I have to move things frame per frame.

If you can’t see the video here, please head over to vimeo and watch „play with me!“ there.


I scanned an illustration I made earlier that year, and moved the layer frame per frame in gimp. After every move I saved and numbered the images to import them in the right order into my video editing software afterwards. Pretty simple setup. I still like the idea of keeping things simple and showing little stories or episodes at the same time. The drawing was perfect because it already had this inherent story of a fish with a ball who wants to play with a sad girl.

When I had a closer look at the image I found a few things that I still see in my current work: a love for absurd situations, and using stamps and watercolors to achieve a layered look.

Back in 2005 I chose a copyrighted track to the music since the animation has been a digital christmas present for a good friend. Since I wanted to share it with you now, I decided to use another track by the awesome Ergo Phizmiz who gently allowed me to use his music. I also edited the titles, but the animation remained mainly the same. I made a few timing adjustments here and there to fit it to the music, but I think you’ll get the idea. Ergos music adds a nice dose of strange to the sweet, weird atmosphere of the tiny story.

I love animation, I love every aspect of it and I never get tired of pushing things around under an actual or virtual camera… The tiny bit of editing reminded me how easy it is to get started again.

Mmmmh, animation!

Keep animating, folks!