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The houses, trees and animals I usually paint need a proper stage and that’s why I decided to do some visual and practical research on landscapes. I’ve felt the need to investigate landscape in my work for quite some time and since it felt right, I gave it a try.

So, Landscape.

I often work in series in which I paint layer on layer before I start to cover parts of the images with acrylics or other opaque colors until I find something that was hidden inside the piece and that talks to me. With my painting series, I rather work intuitively than from a straight concept. What’s there, is there.

In one of these series suddenly abstract, landscape similar formations occurred. I’ve been painting over older, abandoned pieces that weren’t working for me, and only added some hilly horizontal lines to increase the impression of a simple landscape. After this I didn’t like the paintings though. They didn’t speak to me at all and I had no idea how I could change this.

Neatly Disconnecting Earth and Sky

Before I put paintings aside at such a point, I sometimes opt for a more drastic maneuver: using a cutting knife, I neatly disconnected earth and sky from each other. I then laid all the hill pieces together into a large landscape and still, I wasn’t satisfied.

On a closer inspection I found the former sky-parts much more interesting. When I laid them upon a large sheet of white paper, they formed a beautiful yet simple landscape and I decided to keep it that way.

I rearranged them a bit and painted each row of hill with a different shade of green to reinforce the impression of spatial depth. I only glued the bottom half of the cut-outs to the background since I wanted to bend the top of the hills forward for the same reason. I did some retouching with dark chalks to deepen the shadows and then we were done.

Jessica Koppe: Landscape #1 (2015)

The collage measures 70 x 100 cm. I used acrylics, stamps, pastels, watercolors, inks and markers on paper. Click into the thumbnails below to enlarge the details to their full splendor:

Jessica Koppe: Landscape #1 (2015), Detail. Jessica Koppe: Landscape #1 (2015), Detail.

This piece was a total surprise and I just love it.

Have a great weekend!
– Jessica


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