My dear friends,

Some of you kept following my blog since the very first beginnings in 2008, when I started to make my film „Ins Dunkel“ (engl. „Into the Dark“). I am more than grateful for your loyal support, your feedback and even the fan mails you wrote to tell me how much you like my work. Thank you, my friends, especially Shelley Noble, Queen of Halfland, and even to you, Invisible One.

Things change in life, and this can be hurtful and releasing at the same time.

I’m not going to close this blog down, but I’m going to write in German from now on. German is my first language, and even though I speak a rather fluent English by now, I sometimes have massive issues to find a translation that is as precise as I am able to express myself in German. The translation thing takes so much energy and kept me away from blogging for quite some time now. I want to share my thoughts in public, since I am obviously not the only one who works themselves through certain processes. I want to share them as I experience them, but my 90% of my internal voices speak German. Sorry for that. But!

Follow me on twitter, if you want to get in touch over a certain topic: I’m @JessicaKoppe there and I enjoy the international flair of my favorite social media platform. Meet you there!

If you want to read the things that inspire me most in my personal development, head over to Havi Brooks‘ blog, at The world needs more people like her.

So please take good care, and if you want to say something, too, the comment’s is your place.

I send you so much love, and I hope we’ll meet again (and again!) wherever it suits us best.

Yours truly
– Jessica ♥