Dear friends,
Even though the baby structures my day a lot, I try to find as much time as possible to work at the studio (or even at the kitchen table when necessary). The other day I read a blog post by The Ugly Volvo, on What She Does All Day When She’s Home With The Baby and seriously, I laughed my head off and cried at the same time, because it’s exactly like this, no matter if I work on my stuff at home or if I take the Little One with me to the studio.

Sometimes I get lost and have the feeling of getting nothing done because all I do seems to be caring about the kid. Which is of course not true. So I want to remind myself of what I am able to do all week even if I don’t believe it.


God, I’m really into painting momentarily. Here are some works in progress:

140403_153928 140327_151827b 140403_153732

I usually work in series to be less afraid of ruining a certain piece. On the left: 25 sheets of A5 paper I’m working on right now. In the middle and on the right: a larger piece of canvas I’m experimenting with. It changes constantly, no idea where this is going to lead to. (Sorry for the bad image quality, I still own one of these old school mobile phones.)

Jessica Koppe: no sense at all (2014)Next to the pieces above I work on several smaller canvases at the same time, and I finished one of them so far. This one is 20 x 30 cm and mixed media on canvas. Even though I often doesn’t expect where the image is going, I try to stay curious about what is going to emerge next. It seems that there are a lot of birds lately. Actually I like birds a lot. The little birds on the bottom of the image would look nice on a t-shirt as well…

Art Shows!

There are two exhibitions showing my works during the next months: The first one is my first museum show, but I did not work on the video and the installation this week. The other one is in a gallery in my hometown, and they’ll show my works together with the works of Anne Roosen-Meyer, which is a perfect fit I think, concerning both, contrast and conformity.

I also got another email from a curator asking if they can show my work within an art festival in Berlin and perhaps in another big city but this has yet to be confirmed. There are some more art events during this year which is really nice because I love to go out and show my works. This is really cool – I’ll keep you posted as soon as I know the details.


As soon as I’m brave enough I’m going to apply for a major art grant. I promised myself I wouldn’t do this any more because rejections are pretty painful, but this really seems to be a great opportunity. I am working on the application secretly, and the deadline is in a week. Wish me luck and courage!

Have a beautiful weekend, guys,
I send you much internet love!

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  1. Shelley Noble

    Do it! And then worry about courage later, yeah!? Much love and luck and whatever you may need.

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