Dear Ones,
As you have probably noticed, I try to keep track on a regular basis here about what I got done during the week concerning the arts.

Last week was all about visual storytelling (well, it actually always is). More specifically, it was about drawing comics and storyboards. I also wanted to move on with the animation for my oncoming group exhibition, but the software I use didn’t agree with my needs. It was a self-made problem that I eventually solved – it took me two precious days doing research on the internet. And I tell you what: I hate reading tech-support websites and software handbooks. Anyway. It works now, and I learned a thing or two (such as, „think before you do a thing“).


Two weeks ago I went to a graphic novel workshop with Titus Ackermann and it was a rather inspiring weekend. Here’s the result (click the images to see the large version):

Jessica Koppe: "Seine Augen (Seite 1)", 2014   Jessica Koppe: "Seine Augen (Seite 2)", 2014   Jessica Koppe: "Seine Augen (Seite 3)", 2014

Here’s the translation:

  1. His Eyes. While I bath our son in the bathroom sink, I look in the mirror and at my eyes.
    2013. My father was at the palliative care unit of the hospital because of eye cancer when the nurse greeted me with: „You must be his daughter, right? You have his eyes!“
    It was frightening but comforting at the same time: my father was going to die.
  2. „I miss you, Dad…“ 1983. My dad did not live to meet his first grandson. The two would certainly have liked each other. I so much love to remember him… What does otherwise remain?
  3. 1999. 6:18 am: Cigarette smoke and the smell of coffee. Dad used to have a long workday. I therefore got up early in the morning in order to drink a coffee and smoke a cigarette with him, although actually only he smoked. „Hey, come in!“ „You know what? I think he has your eyes!“

I like the graphic style of the comic pages, but it’s rather conventional compared to already existing comic works. I think the next time I want to create images that are a bit more like my drawings. More colors, more poetic, more associative.  Like some of my paintings/drawings from the last two years for example:

birds-03 Jessica Koppe "Storyboard #1" 2011 Jessica Koppe "Memory" 2011 Jessica Koppe "I have nothing to say" 2011 Jessica Koppe "hier, dort, nirgends" 2012 Jessica Koppe "Inner Landscape #2" Jessica Koppe "What waiting for you feels like" 2013 Jessica Koppe "and yet she was her favorite (2014)"

I’m curious where this all is going to lead.


I already told you that I needed to figure out how to solve a software problem that occurred while I was working on the animation for the oncoming museum show. When I wrote the concept for the video installation I wanted to make, it all seemed pretty, pretty easy. I then found out that it was far more complex than I thought. Life, hu?

I don’t solve problems by thinking about them. I solve them through writing, drawing and trying things out. Now I have a concept that works, a storyboard and a plan. And only two weeks left. I keep you posted.

Other creative endeavours

I strongly believe that nothing is separated in our life. What I do in my free time also affects my work, my family life and anything else. I sew for a hobby, because I think it’s nice to recycle old clothing instead of buying everything new all the time and because I believe that the fabrics and ribbons I choose tell me something about my artworks as well.

So this weekend I sewed myself a new purse. From three different fabrics, most with mainly small patterns and with playful details. When I choose colors, I almost always go for a bunch of three: two contrasting colors and one in between to connect them. Same goes for patterns: if I chose a small one, I generally pick a bold one as a contrast. I love contrasts. I should write a post about contrast.

The Little One is asleep. Back to work.
Have a great week!
Jessica ♥