When I read websites about creative processes or how to design this or that, I often found the author striving for a perfect solution. A lot of people at the internet tell you how to optimize your finances, your work, your days in general and most importantly, your personality. Optimize yourself! Optimize!

At the same time I see a lot of artists struggling (including me) because they think their work isn’t perfect. Artists who do not want to show their works in public because they’re afraid of the work not being perfect. At the very same time I  have the tendency to fall in love with artworks that aren’t perfect at all, but which are simply extra-ordinary, charming, lovely and pretty personal. This made me think a lot about perfectionism, and its other end of the scale, chance and messy accidents that turn into beautiful solutions eventually.

Perfectionism and our need for safety / security wish to control all odds: Nowadays, plants are grown in the genetic laboratories. Transhumanists want to create the perfect human being by improving our mind and bodies by using technology, and by overcoming them. Massive amounts of data are collected to foresee potential criminal activity. Honestly? I don’t want to live like this.

I’m going to sing An Ode To Chance

Life is messy. The perfect solution is not wanting to make something perfect. – I think it’s a Polish proverb stating,

If you want to make God laugh, you better tell him your plans.

This is a core aspect of any artistic life:

As artists, we don’t want to control everything. We want accidents in our work. We want to stumble about a project’s wonderful solution while we were searching for something completely different. Accidents are those things that keep us from an artistic routine that could kill all creativity.

(Or is it just mine?)

In my works, accidents become more and more important. I love the gazillion possibilities that evolve from a simple sheet of paper and some colors. If a piece is accidentally ruined, I have no reason to be serious about it, yet I have the chance to open up and to play and to create something completely new. Evolution, baby! I love it!

This is important. Things will grow and change.
Just trust. Even though this probably sounds easier than it is.
Do it anyway.
Be not afraid of mistakes, they’re your best friends!
– I follow this approach, and for me, it perfectly works!

I send you confidence to do it your way and much love,