Dear ones,
I spent the last week on a beautiful fun project, a puzzle artist’s book. I don’t know if this the right description for it, but I don’t know how to call it otherwise. The basic idea is to create an irregular shaped book out of painted papers, and then create drawings that also continue on the following sheet and at the same time create a complete new image there. Even though I think it’s easier to give you an example instead of trying to describe it properly:

So start with the cover page (top left image), it has a house on the right. Its roof is still part of a house on the following page, then turns into a piece of a wall, next into a mountain, then a hill, a nose and finally it becomes a beak. Each drawing is part of another drawing as well. – You’ll get the idea.

God, this project combined so many things I’m interested in: books, storytelling, drawing, painting, sculpting, poetry, weird beasts! I’m constantly trying to follow my instincts on what I want to do next in my artistic adventures, and this was just fabulous. See for yourself (and please, please, please click to enlarge, there are so many details in there!):

birds-01 birds-02 birds-03 birds-04 birds-05 birds-06 birds-07 birds-08

The project was inspired and taught by Carla Sonheim again. I find we have a similar approach to the arts, and I still learn so much from her. Currently, between the preparation of my oncoming show and caring for the Little One, I’ll try to connect the dots, to find out what really matters to me in the arts. To find a connection between all the things I am interested in. I feel that this project was a major step into what I am after. Does this make sense? I hope so!

A tired but happy Jessica sends you much internet love!

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  1. Engelie Blomerus

    Hi Jessica! This is very inspiring! Which class of Carla did you take with this project?

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