My friends,
A cordial invitation to my first art fair, the 8th edition of the Art Kamen which is located at the east end of the Ruhr area. My artist friend Susanne Walter and I are preparing a small but beautiful exhibition at our booth #57 at the Art Kamen that takes place next weekend, from Saturday to Sunday.

The artist group REFLEX and the event location Kamener Stadthalle are going to present a selection of 65 artists from Germany, our European neighbors and from the United States.

You’re curious?
We too! We hope to see you next weekend at

Art Kamen 2014

Saturday, 27.09.14 from 6 to 12 pm, with the Kamener Kunstnacht (Night of the Arts) and Opening reception
Sunday, 28.09.14 from 11 am to 7 pm

Kamener Stadthalle
Rathausplatz 2/4
59174 Kamen

We’ll occupy booth 57, here’s the floor plan:

Art Kamen DINA5 Flyer VSfloorplan_art-kamen

Find more information on their website,

Come all, again! It’s so nice to have you guys around!

Much love!
– Jessica