Dear Ones,
From time to time I stumble about a blog post in which the author tells us 20 things about them. Usually another blogger invited them to do so, and they have to pass it on to another blogger afterwards. I was wondering if I find 20 interesting things about me as well.

Let’s see, that should be easy.

  1. I love lists.
  2. Our house is called Villa Bullerby, after a famous (and my favorite) children’s book by Astrid Lindgren. A friend of ours declared that staying at our place must be like living at this tiny village in Sweden, so we named our house after it.
  3. When I turned 30, I started to take ballet classes. I had never done this before and I enjoy it tremendously.
  4. I’m really good at refurbishing.
  5. Even though I like to dress simply, I have a soft spot for high fashion and fashion week reports. Don’t tell anyone.
  6. When I love a certain piece of clothing, I buy it several times so I can wear it all week long without smelling weird. To give you an idea: I own 15 pairs of grey socks.
  7. I really try to make the world a better place, but I don’t judge you if you don’t.
  8. A really good pun is absolutely able to make my day. Several times.
  9. I want to draw a graphic novel for years now, and I’m afraid to do so.
  10. I love potatoes, and I die for fries.
  11. I’ll rather go for organic growth than for a linear evolution.
  12. Art can save us all. I strongly believe that.
  13. Opposites attract: I’m a stage hog. With a massive imposter syndrome.
  14. My favorite drawing tool is a black fine tip pen, most preferably one that comes with a tip I cannot ruin, but they usually don’t. (Does this happen to anyone else?)
  15. I’ll find structure in every chaotic system. It may take a while, but eventually I’ll find it. Promise.
  16. I trust my body wisdom (instincts and intuition) more than I trust my brain. But they all do a great job anyway.
  17. When I told my parents that I’d be going to art school back then, I promised I’ll be famous when I’ll be grown up. Not grown up yet, sorry!
  18. In my next life I want to be a pathologist.
  19. You know MacGyver, right? I’m his mother. Everything he knows about combining weird things into something that work, he knows from me. No, seriously, I am able to create solutions and beauty from almost nothing. This is my secret super power. Except that it’s not secret any more.
  20. I could go on and on with this list. Because, you know, 1. I love lists.

Two things:
First, if you became curious, you can ask more things in the comments. I’ll answer.
Second, we could go on with this game and you write 20 things about you. Perhaps you want to link back to this post, and then our readers will spend a whole day procrastinating learning about us. And then write their own list! I’d love to read about you, too! And did I mention that I love lists?

Have a good weekend,
much internet love!
– Jessica

PS The top image is part of a series of paintings I did in November 2012.